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Care of Latex Clothing


Please check before hte purchase of latex clothing if you are allergic to the material!

D R E S S I N G  A N D  U N D R E S S I N G

Take care when dressing and undressing. Long fingernails, jewellery or other sharp objects can damage the latex. Talcum powder or silicone oil to make dressing easier.

W A S H I N G, D R Y I N G  A N D  S H I N E

Please, wash the latex clothing after each wearing with the hand. If necessary add a little washing-up liquid and then rinse with warm water.

Hang washing up loosely to dry. Water marks on the outside of garments can be avoided by dabbing with a dry towel. If necessary turn the garment inside out several times. It is particularly important that zips be completely dry. Although their textile strips are completely sealed, dampness may penetrate between the teeth of the zip.

A T T E N T I O N:
No water on the glitter applications.
Please make sure that the glitter does not go in your eyes, mouth or nose.

When completely dry, garments should be lightly powdered with talcum powder on the inside. A light latex polish is sufficient to care for the outside. For a most intense shine, silicon oil or silicon spray are the most suitable.


Store latex clothing in a dark, cool, dry place, preferably on a wide clotheshanger. For masks are clamp hanger suitable. Sunlight causes discoloration. Extreme heat will melt the latex. (Radiators, candle etc.)

I M P O R T A N T  H I N T S

Latex reacts very sensitivetly to the prolonged effects of grease. Body oils, cremes and fat-based lubricating gels destroy latex. It loses ist elasticity and, at worst, can even disintegrate. Use water-based lubricating gels only. Silicon oil is an oil with no fat contant wich you can safely use to polish your latex.

Light colours such as white, yellow or transparent react sensitively to contact with metal, especially copper and brass. Keep jewellery, belt buckles or coins away from your latex clothing. The stains they cause cannot be removed!